Managing business terminology

Linguistic profile
Keywords are words or combinations of words that best describe your areas of activity. Research and translation of keywords essential for:
  • Optimizing website referencing
  • Setting up online monitoring.
Keyword searches help you to determine the interests of potential clients when they use search engines. It also helps you learn which terms describe your competitors while offering you new avenues for development.
RuNet translation multilingual linguistic analysis, identifying multilingual short- and long- tail keywords related to your business

Glossaries for your business
All companies use their own terminology, which is partly related to their areas of activity and partly to their trademark (corporate identity).
Business glossaries (terminology databases) of a company are formed by this managed vocabulary, which helps determine how to express certain concepts. They contain:
  • Terms within in their context of usage
  • Images, references, synonyms where appropriate
  • Translations posted in the company’s other working languages
Glossaries let you:
  • ensure consistency of terminology used in all your documents
  • save time and money when writing and translating technical or marketing documentation
  • Stay up to date on development in your business sector.
Terminology database management must also consider existing documents. Translation software includes a terminology component in parallel with translation memories. If such a system is already in place, it must be integrated into the terminology database.
Furthermore, glossary management must also consider developments in your business sphere.
RuNet translation offers multilingual terminology management services. We maintain your corporate terminology online with your CAT tools or export glossaries in the format of your choice (XLS, TBX, XML, etc.).

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