Online media monitoring and e-reputation for the Swiss Market

Swiss media market watch
Online media monitoring involves automatically and periodically collecting information on certain thematic targets, then processing and transferring this information to recipients.
Monitoring may be used for the purposes of:
  • keeping companies updated on their e-reputation, brand, or a person on the web in general, in the Swiss press, social media or online forums;
  • receiving a regular Swiss press review on a certain topic;
  • monitoring changes on a site such as addition of products on a competitor’s e-commerce site, a new offer, changes in personnel, etc.
The process includes the following steps:
  1. Identification of “key monitoring areas” in collaboration with the client, to identify optimal research theme
  2. Linguistic analysis, creation of glossaries and target keywords and preparation of a monitoring plan.
  3. Technical implementation of monitoring, including choice of tools corresponding to the established objectives.
  4. First results and Monitoring report, feedback from recipients and possible correction of point
  5. Possibly electronic archiving/data management

RuNet Translation offers media monitoring services:

  • in the national Swiss Press, both French-speaking and German-speaking
  • on major social networks
  • in comments from forums, blogs, etc.
Multilingual and multi-country monitoring

We all know that information does not stop at the border. RuNet offers on-demand monitoring of international online media. RuNet Translation has been active on the Swiss market since 2010.

Floriane Pochon is an independent web project manager and has completed the DAS course Strategic monitoring and economic intelligence (monitoring and e-reputation tools) at HEG Genève.


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