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More than website translation, SEO translation includes not only adapting the linguistic and cultural content of a website, but also its search engine optimization (SEO). A list of keywords related to the given industry is first selected and adapted in the target language. The website will appear among the top results when typing those keywords into the search engine.

Website localization is an important step towards gaining access to new international markets. While English is often called the “international language” and thought to be understood by everybody, it is a mark of respect to speak to your audience in their mother tongue. Many companies are satisfied with a unique version of their website and marketing material, and do not even think that it could be misunderstood by their clients. A striking example of this was the case of a major Swiss telecom company, which failed to realize that its English slogans were not understood by 80% of the local population!

The first step in the SEO translation of a website is to generate a list of keywords. Those are selected according to the intended market and the search volume in the target country / language. As the your industry jargon can vary from one country or one region to another depending on the local economy, the keywords should be directly selected in the target language. We then proceed with the translation content (in text or web format) and optimizing meta tags. Search engines are very sensitive to the quality of texts, so it may be useful to write additional content. All content has to be original.

SEO translation requires language skills, marketing flair and technical know-how related to search engines and website architecture. In most cases, translation agencies and Internet marketing specialists are unable to combine these two aspects. One agency managing the whole project can help you save on costs, coordination time and provide a stress-free solution.

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