Terminology and Monitoring

Keywords are words or combinations of words that best identify your sphere of activity. The keyword search is essential for:
  • website referencing (SEO)
  • setting up online monitoring

We offer:

  • Linguistic analysis and keyword search
  • Distribution of ‘short tail’ and ‘long tail’ keywords
  • Translation and compilation of keywords
A business glossary is a reference document for drafting and translation of your documents. It defines spelling and translation in the context of your business terminology.

We offer:
  • Creation and update of multilingual glossaries.
A business thesaurus is a set of descriptors with hierarchical relationships. It is a classification tool for the company’s information holdings that can also be used to search for information within the company.

We offer:
  • Creation and updating of multilingual thesauri. See details under the heading “business terminology management”.

Multilingual monitoring

Multilingual monitoring is the semi-automatic collection of information on thematic targets at regular intervals. We set up an automatic information collection system and then process the information based on your needs.

Monitoring can keep you informed on:
  • New technologies in your field (technological)
  • The reputation of a business or a person in the press and on social networks
  • Changes to web sites
  • etc.

We provide monitoring in French, English, German and Russian.

For more details, please see multilingual monitoring.